Dead Horse Gallop

by TarpitOrchestra



After two well-received promo releases, “Low ‘n Heavy Blues & Tar Stained Tunes” (2009) and “No Train No Gain” (2010), the stubborn outfit is here for the third course. This time to take you on a piggyback ride into depths of human mind and beyond…

The five song EP entitled “Dead Horse Gallop” is a demonstration of just recently regrouped rock band which has once again overcome it’s obstacles. And is more determined, way more balanced and hungrier than ever – to get that damn Rock rollin’ !

Since bands last presentation, the year 2010′s “No Train No Gain“, much has happened: The band came to a halt shortly after the release party and just few gigs. For half of the band the train had already left. Singer/guitarist and bass player were to part ways due to motivational and various personal reasons.

The coming year 2010 was spent auditioning several candidates for the new line-up and feeling up new tunes which would lead the outfit to more rockin’ direction.

New singer, or-Anssi Vieruaho introduced himself to the band during summer. His much rawer and more powerful singing style was a fresh addition to the bands sound. Still lacking the second guitar player the band continued with just one guitar. A stand-in bass player followed to rehearsals during fall 2010 just to solidify the lineup and give peace & chance to concentrate on writing rest of the songs for coming EP.

We were not hitchhikin’ anymore, we were riding!

The Fall of 2010 passed by and the year changed, no solid date was set for recording, but as the word was spoken, disaster strikes! Again the cheerful bunch lose a bass artist, even that it was originally planned as a temporary position, the timing was again the worst possible. However, this didn’t slow down the Tarpit-train… Immediately, recording schedule was set and locked. We’d start recording – with or without a bassist! As a last minute addition to the gang, wizard bass man Mika Vierimaa from local rock scene – was tried and found to be of right essence and power!

In March 2011 eventful and lengthy studio sessions started, a 5 tracker jigsaw puzzle was wrestled at the band’s rehearsal room and Mastervox studios, this baby was titled as “Dead Horse Gallop” !

The course has set and sky is not a limit as we gallop on! The rock keeps on rollin’, baby !


released June 1, 2011

Anssi Vieruaho – vocals, Toni Tervonen – guitars,
Mika Vierimaa – bass, Teemu Hautaniemi – drums

Songs by Toni Tervonen
Lyrics by Toni Tervonen & Anssi Vieruaho
Drum recordings at Mastervox by Immu Ilmarinen
Guitar, bass and vocal recordings by Sami Kettunen
Mixing and mastering at Mastervox by Immu Ilmarinen

Cover art by Timo Tyynismaa



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TarpitOrchestra Finland

Low tone rockin’ blues and doomy mood hard hammering rock music from Oulu, Finland.

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